Growing seed potatoes in the rich soil of the North Saskatchewan River Valley since 1950s

Norbest is dedicated to achieving the highest quality in seed potato production.

We’re delighted you’ve come to our website and invite you to discover the magic of Northern Vigor matched with one of North America’s most advanced seed potato production facilities.

Norbest Farms has developed specialized growing processes for a variety of potato species.

Norbest's production standards reflect its unique climate, its location, and the latest technology and research in growing potatoes. Irrigation and blight control are two critical factors in successful seed potato production.


While Northern Alberta gets enough rainfall in many seasons for a good potato crop, rainfall is not predictable. Norbest Farms uses irrigation to ensure consistent seed potato size and quality. Irrigation is also used at harvest time to mellow the soil. This reduces clumps during harvest and makes it easier to handle the potatoes with less bruising.


Northern Alberta is currently free of late potato blight, and because the region is used primarily for production of seed potatoes, it is well isolated from major production areas further south where blight can be a problem. Blight-free seed potatoes are essential for efficient and profitable potato production and reduce input costs for fungicide and other control measures.

Norbest Farms is in a unique growing area for potatoes.

Long summer days in the far north produce potatoes with more robust sugars and enzymes, and more productive power.